Mark Zuckerberg Loves Iceland’s Icelandverse

Learn more about Inspired By Iceland’s clever response to Facebook’s launch of Meta, how it got Mark Zuckerburg’s attention, and what else Iceland has to offer “users”.

Best Road Trips for 2021

Here we have put together a selection of some of the very best road trips you can do across Iceland, so if you’re in need of your 2021 Iceland road trip itinerary then you’ve come to the right place.

Iceland’s Winter Wildlife: A Guide

Iceland is best renowned for its stunning scenery and jaw-dropping landscapes, though there is much more to this wonderful land that first meets the eye.

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Iceland

Throughout the last few years, Iceland’s dining options have increased dramatically. With the expansion of fine dining restaurants as well as local bars and cafes, Iceland offers an array of food options for everyone.

Everything You Need To Know About The Midnight Sun in Iceland

Iceland’s Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon, which occurs throughout the summer months in places north of the Arctic circle. In Iceland, the days are long during the summertime, and can often provide 24 hours of sunlight.

Amazing Rock Formations in Iceland

For geologists, Iceland Is a great source for research, as the country offers a huge variety of places to study. Here we have put a guide together of just some of Iceland’s amazing rock formations. Take a look to discover what they are.

What Not To Do In Iceland

Iceland welcomes a mass of tourists every year, with the number rapidly increasing each year at an exponential rate. If you're planning your adventure to the country, there are some factors you should definitely bear in mind to ensure the best and safest experience possible. Here’s our guide to what NOT to do in Iceland.

Instagram Worthy Food Experiences in Iceland

There is more to Iceland’s culinary scene than traditional meat and fish dishes. Here we have put a guide together, outlining the most Instagram worthy food experiences to take your taste buds on an ultimate journey!

How to Prepare for all Weather in Iceland

Trying to predict the weather in Iceland can be very tricky, so it is important to come prepared for any condition.

6 Famous Icelandic Desserts You Need to Try During Your Visit

Icelandic people are known for having unique and distinctive local cuisines and dishes, such as fermented shark and puffin, but they also have a number of famous desserts.

Where to Eat Cheap in Iceland

Since Iceland’s tourism began to boom several years ago, tourists from all over the world have commented on how expensive it is to dine out in the island country.

Your Guide to Icelandic Weather in the Spring

Spring is a great time of year to visit Iceland. Visiting Iceland in the spring allows you to experience the country’s beautiful scenery before the height of tourist season in the summer, and yet you can enjoy milder temperatures than in winter.

Your Guide to Icelandic Weather in the Winter

For those who want to experience Iceland in the winter, there is much to enjoy. Find out more in our blog.

A Guide to Icelandic Street Food

Many people associate street food with warm and bustling cities, with plenty of food trucks from where you can sample all types of cuisine. Reykjavik may not be the first city you think of when pondering great street food scenes, but you’re likely to be surprised.

Surfing in Iceland? Sure, why not?

If you don't mind the cold, you can absolutely surf in Iceland and we have the video to prove it.

Finding Quirky & Cheap Restaurants in Reykjavik

Experience the delectable meals that Iceland has to offer without breaking the bank.

The Complete Guide to Reykjavik's Nightlife

We have put together a complete guide to Reykjavik’s nightlife so you know what to expect before you arrive in the country.

Iconic Spots In Iceland Perfect For Instagram

We have come up with a guide to some of the most iconic spots in Iceland that are perfect for Instagram and selfies.

Visiting Kerid Crater in the South

Guest post about Kerið crater on the Golden Circle by Rachael Yerkes of eazypeazymealz.com.

Rushtrip does Iceland on a SADcar

Fun trailer for a documentary in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland January, February and March

There are several major festivals in January, February and March in Reykjavík.

Things to do in Iceland in October, November and December

Things to do include RIFF, Imagine Peace Tower, Iceland Airwaves and of course Christmas

Things to do in Iceland in August and September

Reykjavík Gay Pride, Reykjavík Culture night, RIFF and Verslunarmannahelgi weekend; just a few of the events in August and September

Easter in Iceland

Nice weather, music festival and 5-day vacation for Icelanders during Easter in Iceland