Surfing in Iceland? Sure, why not?

If you don't mind the cold, you can absolutely surf in Iceland and we have the video to prove it.

Finding Quirky & Cheap Restaurants in Reykjavik

Experience the delectable meals that Iceland has to offer without breaking the bank.

The Complete Guide to Reykjavik's Nightlife

We have put together a complete guide to Reykjavik’s nightlife so you know what to expect before you arrive in the country.

Iconic Spots In Iceland Perfect For Instagram

We have come up with a guide to some of the most iconic spots in Iceland that are perfect for Instagram and selfies.

Visiting Kerid Crater in the South

Guest post about Kerið crater on the Golden Circle by Rachael Yerkes of eazypeazymealz.com.

Rushtrip does Iceland on a SADcar

Fun trailer for a documentary in Iceland

Things to do in Iceland January, February and March

There are several major festivals in January, February and March in Reykjavík.

Things to do in Iceland in October, November and December

Things to do include RIFF, Imagine Peace Tower, Iceland Airwaves and of course Christmas

Things to do in Iceland in August and September

Reykjavík Gay Pride, Reykjavík Culture night, RIFF and Verslunarmannahelgi weekend; just a few of the events in August and September

Easter in Iceland

Nice weather, music festival and 5-day vacation for Icelanders during Easter in Iceland