Your Guide to Parking in Reykjavík

Wondering where to park in Reykjavik? Our guide has got you covered. Learn more about parking zones, tickets, and fines on our blog.

Highlight on the Westfjords Way

Are you ready to experience the wilds of Iceland’s Westfjords? Discover the region’s highlights with our detailed itinerary for your dream road trip. Read our blog now!

Driving Age in Iceland

If you’re planning a trip to Iceland and want to make the most of your holiday, a hire car is definitely the best way to see the island.

Safe Travel in Iceland

Want to be as safe as possible in Iceland? We’re here to tell you all about SafeTravel.is and the services they offer to ensure your safety.

The Best Road Trips to Take in Iceland

To help you choose the best road trip for your visit to Iceland, we’ve rounded up the top road trips in the country so you can make an informed decision!

What Coronavirus Means for Travel to Iceland

The recent spread of Coronavirus has had an immediate impact on all aspects of life, with devastating effects on global economies. One country however to take note of is Iceland, whose authorities have taken realistic and preventative steps to contain the potential spread of the virus in the country. With few points of entry and the lowest population density in Europe, Iceland has implemented all essential measures to swiftly stop the spread of infection and keep the rate to a minimum. With only 1,802 infections and 10 deaths, the country is definitely one to learn from. In this blog we cover what the spread of the COVID-19 virus means for Iceland, especially focusing on the impact to travel and the future of the country.

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