Waterfalls, skiing, horse riding - however you choose to fill your time in Iceland, the small island country has a wide range of things to offer.

Packing every day full of extraordinary sights and mind-blowing experiences can leave you exhausted and if you’re like us, a little peckish! Not only that, you might be in the market for local establishments that will save a little money on the way.

Let’s face it, for all its beauty, Iceland can be a pretty expensive place to eat and drink. It’s difficult to balance choosing a quality, traditional Icelandic meal without the big price tag. At the same time, you didn’t come to Iceland for a Big Mac, did you? So to help you eat cheap in Iceland, we’ve put together a guide on the range of fast food Iceland has to offer. 

101 Reykjavik Street Food

101 Reykjavik Street Food

This Reykjavik restaurant strikes the ideal balance between well-priced and traditional food. In fact, they describe their establishment as “convenient and flavourful food for a reasonable price”, which says it all! They serve a simple menu of traditional dishes, including Traditional Icelandic Grandma Meat Soup (Kjötsúpa), other seafood-based soups, as well as good old-fashioned fish and chips. Open from 11 am until 10 pm, you will find 101 Reykjavik Street Food in downtown Reykjavik, perfectly located for a tasty lunch between exciting Iceland adventures.

Noodle Station

Situated on one of Reykjavik’s main shopping streets, and conveniently on the way to Iceland’s Hallgrimskirkja church, Noodle Station really is one of the handiest fast food options Iceland has to offer. With an extremely simple menu, just 3 options, the flavours are enough to leave you feeling warm and full in no time. Small but charming, you can choose to eat in or take your noodles away on the way to your next Iceland itinerary stop.

Hamborgarabúllan - Tommi’s Burger Joint

Burger with range of toppings

This chain of fast-food restaurants now has 7 locations scattered all over Iceland, with locations now abroad in Copenhagen, Berlin, and even London. With a retro vibe and delicious, simple menu, this burger place is extremely popular with families with children. Simply choose a size, decide whether to go meat or vegetarian and there you have it - even the most indecisive of diners can choose with ease here. Awarded the Reykjavik Grapevine prize for the best burger in the city, the Búllu-burger is a popular choice with locals and tourists alike.


This restaurant serving real Syrian food has a large menu to suit a range of people, perfect if you aren’t sure what you’re in the mood for. Located in central Reykjavik, with locations now in Skeifan and Hafnarstræti, Mandi hopes to give Icelanders a taste of Syrian delicacies at reasonable prices. A little more than your traditional kebab house, this is an unmissable place to eat cheap in Iceland.

Reykjavik Chips

Reykjavik Chips Menu
Reykjavik Chips Menu

For smaller bites and lunches, Reykjavik Chips is one of the best options available. With prices ranging between £4 and £7, portion sizes are plenty big enough to fuel you and your travel buddies before your next exciting activity. Now offering burgers and milkshakes as well as their classic french fries, this cosy establishment can satisfy even the most empty of stomachs. And with a range of delicious sauces on offer, you won’t regret ordering a simple serving of tasty chips.

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