Experience the delectable meals that Iceland has to offer without breaking the bank.


If you’ve ever been to Iceland, you know better than most that the prices can be difficult to work around. Especially if you’re trying to travel on a tight budget. However, we want you to still be able to experience the delectable meals that Iceland has to offer while enjoying the other unique activities Iceland beholds.


Svarta Kaffid

As you might expect, Iceland can get pretty cold, meaning a meal that is able to warm you up, fill you up & not cost you a lot is the perfect meal. This is exactly what the family-owned Svarta Kaffid can do with their famous bread bowl soups. Praised for their delicious range of soups fitting for vegetarians and meat lovers, the Svarta Kaffid is impeccable when it comes to sitting down, enjoying a beer and tucking into a warm meal.


This little business can be found in the centre of downtown Reykjavik, a great place for a little stop off when exploring the magnificent capital of Iceland. There may be a little wait but for the delicious meals and fantastic service the Svarta Kaffid has to offer, it will definitely seem worth it when you get your hands on your own bread bowl soup!


Salt Kitchen & Bar

Looking for a fancier option in Iceland? Maybe you’re looking for somewhere luxurious to take your other half where you can fill up with authentic Icelandic meals. Well, the Salt Kitchen & Bar in central Reykjavik may be your best option. With its fresh fish and incredible meat dishes, the Salt Kitchen & Bar offers everything you need to have a successful meal. A customer favourite is the brownie with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream for dessert, however, they are known for their fantastic fish dishes. Furthermore, after you’ve finished your meal, you’re ideally located for a blissful stroll along the nearby pier.




Block Burger


Are you someone who appreciates a decent gourmet-style burger? Then don’t bother with the rest of this blog (well maybe read a little more), Block Burger is the only place you should be concerned about. With a collection of fresh ingredients, fantastic service and affordable prices you have one of the highest rated burger places within Reykjavik.

As well as their incredible burgers, Block Burger also apparently serves the best fries in Reykjavik, known for their crispy texture & terrific flavour. Although, as they say on their menu, you can go along and be the judge of that yourself! Even if you’re in a rush, the Block Burger offers takeaway food at affordable prices, allowing you to try out this one-of-a-kind burger restaurant no matter how little time you have.


Like some of the best American fast food restaurants in the world, another advantage of Block Burger is they offer bottomless drinks, meaning constant refills at no extra cost! Just another excuse to pop along to one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the country.


CupCake Cafe

Being in Iceland, it’s only right that you enjoy some icing (on cakes that is) at the CupCake Cafe! This fantastic, cosy cafe is based in central Reykjavik and is perfect for a light afternoon tea or brunch after a day of exploring the scenery that Iceland has to offer.


As you can probably guess from the name, the CupCake Cafe offers cupcakes. They really do supply some of the nicest cupcakes in Iceland, from your standard red velvet to the likes of Kitkat, Nutella and Oreo cupcakes. What more could you ask for? Maybe you’re not sold with just the impressive cupcakes? Well along with them, they also sell sandwiches, Greek yoghurt, croissants and many more delicious snacks. The CupCake Cafe is a great place to go for an affordable and delicious snack!


Lamb Street Food

When having a meal, are the aesthetics of the restaurant important to you? Lamb Street Food definitely think so! As you will see from the minute you step into this Icelandic cuisine hotspot. It has a contemporary decor that you just can’t find enough of around Iceland.


Moreover, the food! The Lamb Street Food supplies a collection of wraps & falafels made with fresh ingredients from their very own Icelandic Farmers. When it comes to the creation of the food, the restaurant takes a very personalised approach, allowing you to choose what goes in your wraps and what doesn't. The best part of it all is, you get a great service, unbelievable food & an incredible atmosphere all for an affordable price.

Described by past customers as the best meal they had in Iceland, with the lamb wraps coming in for particularly high praise, it's definitely an unmissable location. Even if you don't have enough time to sit down, there’s the option to grab a quick takeaway!