To make the most of your exciting road trip in Iceland, sometimes you might need additional items to improve your comfort, safety or overall experience. This is why at SADcars we provide a long list of optional extras that you can opt for when renting your car with us. 

We offer a wide range of high quality and extremely safe car seats for children, ranging from infants up to small children. We also supply booster seats for older children that may still require some form of safety seat. 

Our extras also include a number of devices to enhance your time in Iceland by keeping everything at your fingertips. Our GPS systems will keep you on the right path, as Iceland’s roads can be remote and confusing at times, and signage is sometimes presented in the Icelandic language. You can also opt for a 4G wifi adaptor, enabling you to stay online and in touch with loved ones all throughout your journey, no matter how remote your location may be. 

Browse all of these, and the other extras that we offer, and add them to your hire car to make sure that you have everything you’ll need. 

Additional Driver
990 ISK per day
Baby Seat 0-13 kg
990 ISK per day
Child Seat 9-36 kg
990 ISK per day
Child Seat 15-36 kg
990 ISK per day
Child Booster Seat
790 ISK per day
Iceland Road Guide
3.500 ISK per rental
Mobile WiFi
1.790 ISK per day
GPS Navigation
1.350 ISK per day
Removable seat row
25.000 ISK per rental
12V USB Adapter
150 ISK per day