A hearty breakfast is crucial before a day of exploring Iceland. Read here to find out where to get the best breakfast in Reykjavik.

A day in Iceland is like no other, active and busy with all the sights to see. Which is why a good breakfast is definitely key to getting you set up for the activities that will follow. Breakfast in Reykjavik is varied and there are lots of culinary delights to try. From traditional icelandic breakfast to mouth watering baked goods, the selection is vast. Here are just a few of the best breakfast places in Reykjavik. 

Braud & Co

Renowned for its delicious cinnamon buns, Braud & Co have a number of artisan bakeries located in Reykjavik. Other delicious items on the menu include croissants, pretzels and grilled sandwiches - you’ll even find vegan pastries and bakes on offer. Braud & Co are very proud of the ingredients they use which include organic seeds, grains and sugars mostly from Denmark and Germany, Icelandic butter and sea salt for top quality flavours. Be prepared, the popular breakfast items sell out quickly, so you might want to get in early.

Cinnammon Buns Breakfast in Iceland

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Early in the Morning

Open daily from 7-11am, this hidden gem offers quality and quantity. Food is freshly cooked to order with various side dishes included with your meal such as toast and jams, oats and fresh fruit. With large servings and bottomless options, you can fill up ready for a big day of sightseeing. Early in the Morning is located amongst local apartments and is hidden from the main road, so check your map before heading out. 

Icelandic Breakfast spread

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Deig has a reputation for delicious bagel sandwiches and doughnuts with various tasty fillings - particularly the creme brulee doughnut, which is flamed to order! You can choose to fill your bagel with various flavours of cream cheese, ham, egg and much more. A single batch of bagels at Deig takes 48 hours to make and everything is fresh. Located near the old Harbour, this bakery is a perfect stop for breakfast on the go in Reykjavik. Pitch up in the stylish seating area and watch the world go by!

Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich from Icelandic Bakery

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Sandholt, which opened in 1920, is one of the oldest operating bakeries in Iceland and offers artisan food with delightful coffees. The traditional menu consists of sourdough sandwiches with delectable fillings, croque monsieurs, shakshouka, pastries, tarts and cakes. Baker Ásgeir Sandholt experiments with old recipes and new methods to create original dishes that suit all tastes. Everything is homemade from scratch, even the jams! 

Selection of fish dishes as Icelandic traditional breakfast foods

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If you are looking for something to eat whilst on the go, why not grab a selection of traditional Icelandic breakfast foods, head off on your road trip and make a stop somewhere breathtaking to enjoy it. Popular foods include:

  • Skyr (a thick, creamy sour cheese that is eaten like yoghurt) with berries and seeds
  • Rye bread with meat and cheese
  • Hafragrautur (oatmeal with milk and brown sugar)
  • Snúður (a cinnamon bread roll filled with chocolate or caramel)

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, make sure your itinerary is not only full of road trips and sights to see, but also with what to eat and where to eat it!