We at SADcars are dedicated to make your trip in Iceland an enjoyable one! Therefore, to add to your comfort in renting our used cars, we have put together the 

Best Roadside Assistance in Iceland!

We have gathered the best service partners all around Iceland that will help you out in case of any trouble with our cars. Check out a map of our service partner network below. 

We have 24 hour roadside assistance!

Should the car break down, you can call our 24 hour hotline and we will decide if the car is repairable or if you need a new car. If the car is repairable then we will direct you to one of our numerous service partners around the country. If it is not then we will bring you a new car right away. 

We have a road side service network all over the country so if something happens to the car we can quickly assist you but the cost of that is not included in the price if you have an accident. If the car on the other hand breaks down the car will be fixed for free or you will get another car. If for example in case you have a flat tyre, that is not included in the cost of the rental of the car. All the cars have spare tyres and someone could come and change the tyre if necessary.