Visiting Iceland this August but not sure how to make the most of your destination? Take a look at some unmissable Iceland attractions in August.

Despite being an excellent and fascinating holiday destination all year round, summer is the most popular time for tourism in Iceland. The longer days, midnight sun, and better weather attract those weary of a drizzly time abroad. Wildlife blooms and there are plenty of opportunities to get out and about on dramatic landscapes in Icelandic August. If you’re visiting in August, here are our top tips for Icelandic attractions to visit on your journey.

Iceland Weather in August

As one of the warmest months of the year, August in Iceland is a generally very pleasant time to visit. Iceland still being Iceland, temperatures typically range from 10 to 15°C, though can dip below 10 and can even rise to 20 if you’re lucky! As warm, sunny days are so rare, a few days in a row can send the whole country into an impromptu bank holiday. It’s important to note that Icelandic weather is unpredictable even at the best of times in summer, so take layers no matter what the forecast says!

Daylight Hours in August Iceland

The summer solstice in July brings about almost 24 hours of daylight across Iceland. Off the back of this, August also enjoys plenty of light hours, particularly towards the beginning of the month. This allows plenty of time for outdoor activity and enjoyable nightlife vibes for August evenings. 16 hours of daylight also means that there are a few hours of darkness, which can be perfect for searching for the northern lights after a sunny August day! With clearer skies than you are likely to find in the winter months, August could be a great time for northern light searching.

Atlantic puffins on rocky cliffs of Iceland in August

Things to Do in August in Iceland

Whale Watching in August

August is an ideal time for ocean wildlife. Embarking on a whale-watching tour is an incredible opportunity to spot creatures heading closer to Iceland’s shores to find food. Dolphins, mike whales, and the incredible humpback are all fairly common sightings from the country’s capital while more species are often found further north, particular in Husavik. 

Icelandic Puffins

Puffins are adorable temporary residents of Iceland in August. Around 8 million puffins flood Iceland’s cliffs and rocky outcrops in the south in spring and can often be spotted on whale-watching tours. Specific bird-watching tours are also a great way to get a great view or photograph of these incredible Atlantic puffins. 

Festival in Reykjavik in August

August Icelandic Festivals

If you’re looking for a little extra excitement on your August trip to Iceland, there are plenty of festivals around the country for you to get involved with. In Akureyri, the so-called capital of the north, you’ll find the Iceland Summer Games if visiting in early August. Races, volleyball tournaments, and motorcycle racing are just some of the festivities happening during the games, which also run at the same time as Verslunarmannahelgi, or Merchants’ weekend. The Ein með Öllu family festival in Akureyri is great fun, complete with live music and a variety of different street performances around the city.

If you will be based further south, Reykjavik’s pride event is also a great August event. The festival runs from the 2nd to the 7th of August and the 2022 theme is Beauty of Freedom. Find out about the events programme as well as the parade schedule and much more on the Pride website.

Explore the Highlands

As the last month of Iceland’s summer before the weather deteriorates once more, take your chance to see the Icelandic highlands. Free of snow, for the most part, you are allowed to take a tour or drive to the highlands for some spectacular and vivid landscapes. Whether in the east or further inland, the highlands are a great place for photography, hiking, and biking for more adventurous visitors. 

Be aware that these roads are rough, unpaved and contain unabridged rivers, so you’ll need to consider renting a 4x4 vehicle. Browse our selection today for the cheapest option in Iceland.