If you’re a coffee lover planning to visit Iceland, you’ll want to read this! Learn all about coffee in Iceland, costs, and where to get the best.

Icelanders love coffee. As a nordic country, they’re known for consuming quite a lot. In fact, Nordic companies consume the most coffee per capita in the world. Perhaps it’s the effect of a hot coffee on a cold day (of which Iceland and the other Nordic countries have plenty), or just the taste that Icelanders enjoy. But for whatever reason, Icelanders enjoy excellent quality coffee in large quantities. 

As a result, when visiting Iceland, you can expect to be spoiled for choice when it comes to coffee shops, cafes, and anywhere really to enjoy a good cup of joe. 

Coffee shops in Iceland

You won’t find your favourite coffee shop chains in Iceland. Places like Starbucks and Coffee Bean just don’t exist on the island. Icelanders prefer to grow and nurture their own brands rather than having foreign chains set up shop and take over from locals. As a result, when going for their morning coffee, Icelanders prefer local shops, or native Icelandic chains, like Kaffitár or Te og Kaffi

Reykjavik, the capital and largest Icelandic city, has the most options for coffee shops and cafes. Icelandic coffee culture is deeply present in the city, and the selection of cafes, coffee shops and bakeries that serve coffee make this evident. 

Late art on a cup of Icelandic coffee.

Top Coffee Shops in Reykjavik

If you’re visiting Iceland, you’re more than likely to spend a day or two checking out the enjoyable capital city of Reykjavik. There’s something for everyone, so if you love to enjoy a cup of coffee with your breakfast, or want to spend a whole day sampling the city’s coffee, there are options galore.

Café Babalú - Nearly unanimously, this is named one of Reykjavik’s best coffee shops. Known for having not only delicious coffee and food but also an excellent atmosphere, wonderful staff and tasty food. 

Reykjavík Röst - If you like places that take coffee seriously, this is the coffee spot in Reykjavik for you. The coffee shop and bar also enjoys a superb location, right on the harbour. As a result, Reykjavík Röst is considered Reykjavik’s best coffee with a view. 

Emilie and the Cool Kids - If your vibe is to combine a smooth coffee with a sweet treat (or bagels), you’ll want to check out this trendy and quirky coffee shop. Known for their delicious pastries and bagel sandwiches which complement their coffee perfectly, this is a must-hit cafe for coffee lovers visiting Reykjavik. 

People standing and sitting in an Icelandic coffee shop.

Further Afield 

If you’re planning to see more of Iceland than only Reykjavik, you’ll be pleased to know that the leading chains can be found in most bigger towns and cities, and there are always a wealth of local options that you’ll want to check out. Gas stations also tend to have good quality coffee, so you can get your fix on the road during your Icelandic road trip

How much is coffee in Iceland?

Depending on which country you’re coming from, some people consider Iceland to be very expensive. While coffee isn’t extortionate, and can certainly vary from shop to shop based on what you order, it might be a little more expensive than what you’re used to. Be prepared to spend upwards of $3 USD for a cup of coffee in Iceland, though. If you’re planning to visit Iceland on a budget, read our tips for eating cheap in Iceland