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J ai loué une voiture à bureau de Keyflavik .. -

From Google reviews:

J ai loué une voiture à bureau de Keyflavik réserver la veille pour le lendemain et quel surprise Upgrade des mon arrivée j'ai pu conduire un duster pendant une semaine ayant une carte de débit et non de crédit j'ai du prendre l assurance platinum . Et j'ai bien fait ! Car j'ai crever une roue après avoir mis celle de secours je suis retournée a Keyflavik il cela n as prit qu une demi heure avant de repartir avec le pneu réparée. 4 Etoile car la clef pour changer à roue était trop usée j ai du attendre de croisée quelqu'un avec un outil adéquat J'ai changé d avis sur le duster maintenant c est un suv très confortable (900 KLM sur une journée et aucun soucis de confort )

* * * *
- Renter from France. Rented Dacia Duster.

Price of car was good -

From Google reviews:

Price of car was good for the short space of time I booked in. Had read the reviews and decided to chance it and everything turned out fine :)

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Nissan Pulsar.

Excellent ! -

Je ne peux que conseiller Sadcar, qui a été à notre écoute, très professionnel, avec une équipe souriante et très à l'écoute. La voiture était parfaitement équipée pour cette période de l'année, de multiples conseils nous ont été donnés avant le départ afin de nous faciliter la route, et le prix est très correct.

* * * *
- Renter from France. Rented VW Up | Manual.

Loved the Car, great service -

Service was helpful and quick. Easy to find from the airport just a short shuttle bus to the location. Couldn't ask for any more.

* * * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented Dacia Duster | Manual.

Fantastic, reliable and friendly-

Easy to book, no additional hidden fees and friendly service. A good record of previous damage and ability to discus with counter staff ensured you felt confident that you won't get charged for damage previously made.

* * * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented VW Up | Manual.

Awesome! -

The rental process was easy to follow and all relevant info was provided online. We booked in advance before landing in Iceland. At one point we decided to change cars, so we sent SADcars a message and a representative got back to us fairly quickly, and refunded us the difference as we requested. At the office, the workers ensured we were signing with informed consent of all our liabilities and explained to us the different insurance packages before finalizing the rental contract.

* * * * *
- Renter from Canada. Rented VW Golf | Auto.

Excellent from start to finish. -

Great service from start to finish. Excellent price and easy to use website. Friendly staff on pick up and drop off.

* * * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented Suzuki Grand Vitara | Manual.

Varem llogar un 4x4 durant una setmana i va anar tot perfecte. -

From Google reviews:

Varem llogar un 4x4 durant una setmana i va anar tot perfecte. El cotxe (un Suzuki Grand Vitara), malgrat tenia uns 10 anys i 155.000 Kms, va funcionar perfectament durant els 2.000 Kms que li vam fer i va respondre adequadament per asfalt, grava i paviments mullats i nevats. La recollida i l'entrega van ser ràpides, suposem que degut a que portàvem l'assegurança Platinum. A la recollida, el cotxe tenia múltiples petites rascades que eren presents en el rebut i que lògicament no van ser tingudes en compte a l'entrega una setmana després. Creiem que paga la pena anar tranquils per Islàndia amb l'assegurança tot risc sense franquícia. En resum, molt bona atenció i experiència. Repetiríem amb ells!

* * * * *
- Renter from Spain. Rented Suzuki Grand Vitara.

We had a 2014 Suzuki Great Vitara -

From Google review:

We had a 2014 Suzuki Great Vitara. Automatic, 4x4. Enjoyed how this unknown to me before car was handling the road and conditions (from 10/25 thru 11/06) i.e. snow. sleet, rain, wind ... Price was lowest than anyone else, free shuttle bus from KEF.

* * * * *
- Renter from Poland. Rented Suzuki Grand Vitara.

I was really happy with our rental here -

I was really happy with our rental here, especially for our first trip to Iceland. We got a Suzuki Swift economy car for the two of us to drive around southern Iceland for five days. The car was a perfect choice for us. It’s a busy place, our car wasn’t as clean and perfect as what we’ve been accustomed to in the U.S., but the price was right for $147. When we turned the car in at the end of our trip, there were no extra fees tacked on, no surprises on our bill—we paid exactly what we reserved the car for weeks before our trip: $147. Do yourself a favor and invest in one of the road maps they sell in their office; you’ll not regret it. We will return next year and will likely rent from them again. A small bit of additional advice: Consider opting paying for gravel insurance. We found loose gravel everywhere, and discovering that made me drive a lot slower to avoid damaging the car. We were fortunate that we did not have any damage, but the fear of ruining the paint and getting charged

* * * * *
- Renter from Uruguay. Rented Suzuki Swift.
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