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Disclaimer: I didn't actually rent the car -

From Google reviews:

Disclaimer: I didn't actually rent the car, but after seeing other reviews complaining about cancellation issues, I wanted to share my experience. I had to change my plans a few days after booking the car. I emailed SadCars and they gave me a refund almost immediately, were very professional and helpful.

* * * * *

The car we rented worked perfectly and was a great price for four days -

From Google reviews:

The car we rented worked perfectly and was a great price for four days. The staff were nice and courteous. Our only issue was that our car wasn't ready when we came to pick it up, so we had to wait 30 minutes or so. No big deal, just not ideal after a red eye transatlantic flight.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented VW Polo.

I've rented a suzuki swift -

From Google reviews:

I've rented a suzuki swift in July 2018. car was in great shape, price was great and the insurance covered gravel protection - which is usually a source of additional cost in other Icelandic rental companies i used in the past

* * * * *
- Renter from Israel. Rented VW Polo Auto.

Excellent car hire company -

I rented three cars, excellent car, service and price each time. I stayed in town 5 weeks with people who often rented from other companies and their cars were much more expensive. Service at Sad Cars was above and beyond, will definitely rent from SAD again next time I am in Iceland

* * * * *
- Renter from Canada. Rented Dacia Dokker Camper.

Easy Car Rental/ Good Service/ Great Trip to Iceland -

We rented a car for 5 days. Sadcars had the better deal for us for that length of time. We got an automatic car similar in size to a Golf - it was clean and newer and we had no problems with it. Sadcars was responsive to our questions. We rented a mobile Wifi and had an issue one day with it and they were kind and refunded us for the issue. No issues with pick up or drop off. We made sure to have the appropriate insurance as well just in case.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented VW Golf | Auto.

Glad -

People were friendly and efficient. The car was not sad at all -- it was in really great shape. My only advice is to consider how expensive gas is in Iceland -- it really adds a lot to the cost. But, I got to go exactly where I wanted, when I wanted. All in all, it was a great experience.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented VW Golf | Manual.

Excellent -

This service is very good and not so expansive that permit to us to visit Iceland with a car! I will be back In Iceland and I will rente a car hère.

* * * * *
- Renter from France. Rented VW Up | Manual.

Great service, great car -

I rented a car at SAD CARS and could not be more happy with their service. They were very helpful as my drivers licence was stolen (in Germany, not Iceland), and I also changed the date of my booking which was no problem at all. I got a very nice small car Hyundai i10, which was perfect for my trip trough south Iceland. It was in a very good condition, simple to drive. Also got the USB port. They provided me with a big map and discount for a petrol station (and coffee, which I don't drink, but I guess lots of you would find that very cool :D). Overall, very good experience! And for my date of journey (June) they were absolutely the cheapest too.

* * * * *
- Renter from Slovenia. Rented VW Up | Manual.

Fast and professional -

Car was ok, and instructions was clear.
I recommend gravel protection for all customers ;)

* * * * *
- Renter from Poland. Rented VW Polo | Manual.

super road trip ! -

le dokker était parfait pour se balader en Islande. Pas cher et bonne qualité !

* * * *
- Renter from France. Rented Dacia Dokker Camper.
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