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Sadcar should be called happycar!!-

From Google reviews:

Sadcar should be called happycar!!
Good service good vehicle and good price

* * * * *
- Renter from Norway. Rented Toyota Landcruiser.

Very Good Experience with sadcars!-

From Google reviews:

Very Good Experience with sadcars! The staff is just so nice. We called them in the morning because we spontaneous wanted to rent a car. They said "sure, we can pick you up at 12 o'clock at your hotel" and so it was. Arriving at their office it was very uncomplicated and we got a very nice cheap car. It was pretty new as well. Two days later we had to give the car back :( we asked the pretty lady where the next bus stop is because we wanted to go to the city centre. Another guy from the crew said if we wait a few minutes he can take us with him because he drives in the centre anyways :)
Thank you guys for everything :)
(Already missing the car :( :D)

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Nissan.

Had a very cheap, no-fuss experience with SADcars-

From Google reviews:

Had a very cheap, no-fuss experience with SADcars. They shuttled us from the airport quickly and got us set up with our car within a half hour. The car worked beautifully throughout our stay and returning it was painless. Highly recommended!

* * * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented Nissan.

Best and Cheapest car rental on Iceland-

From Google reviews:

Best and Cheapest car rental on Iceland. I have rented from them twice: first time in 2014 and second time in 2018. Good cars, hassle-free experience, best price.

* * * * *
- Renter from Poland. Rented Toyota.

Overall, our experience with SAD cars was positive-

From Google reviews:

Overall, our experience with SAD cars was positive. We got an amazing 4x4 cars for a very attractive price. I reckon the same car would cost us at least 2x with any other rental company in Iceland. The car was duly maintained and clean. The only complaint we have is that we haven't received any notification by mail about moving the premises to another location in Reykjavik. Same happened when we tried to return the car to the premises close to the airport, which were closed! And we were so stressed out because we had to catch the flight. The staff were nice, however you can get the impression that this is a low-cost company. Nevertheless, we would use their services again. It's totally worth it!

* * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented Suzuki.

I recently visited Iceland for 2 weeks-

From Tripadvisor: I recently visited Iceland for 2 weeks - travelling from Reykjavik via the Golden Circle to Snæfellsnes and on to the West Fjords. I've hired a lot of cars before through all the major companies but never tried a local firm before and I have to say, it was the best car hire I have ever experienced. Ieland car rental ( were cheaper than the International companies, but what really made them great was the personal service and flexibility. I'd booked the smalles car available, but they had none left so they upgraded me to a beautiful Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 - perfect for Iceland's rough roads! The owner of the company himself brought the car to where I was staying. The car itself was great - super comfortable, sturdy and reliable. I really enjoyed driving it. When we returned from our road trip we weren't due to stay in Reykjavik again but had assumed we'd have to drop the car off there, but instead, for just £20 the company collected it f

* * * * *
- Renter from United Kingdom. Rented Suzuki Grand Vitara.

I used this rental company on my recent trip to Iceland-

From Google reviews: I used this rental company on my recent trip to Iceland. Very efficient booking, confirmation and check-in process. Received an upgrade to a slightly higher 4x4 which was almost brand new. Communication on car pickup was efficient and very effective and friendly. I'd have no problem recommending them or using them again.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Toyota Corolla.
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