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We answer all kinds of questions from our guests through the SADcars e-mails and social media. Many of them are about where to find information about certain things in Iceland, things like how to drive, where to eat and so on. This blog is an attempt to answer questions and give tips about where to find information about all kinds of things in Reykjavik and Iceland. 
Lets start off with information about Iceland and Reykjavik in general
Visit Iceland has a lot of useful information such as this practical information page. Inspired by Iceland also has a practical info page as well as the Visitor‘s guide.
Each region has its own website as well where you can browse travel guides, things to see and do as well as accommodation and dining options.
Practical information about Reykjavik can be found on the website Visit Reykjavik.
Photo by and station forecast screenshot of the Icelandic Met office site (we wished the weather was always like this).

Driving in Iceland
We are a car rental so we get all kinds of questions about driving in Iceland. Many of them are about road conditions and weather (in winter) and how to drive in the highlands (in the summer) so lets find you information about that first.
For weather and road conditions, you can visit the sites of the Icelandic Met office (choose Weather on the top menu bar) and the Icelandic Road Administration. Both these sites are extremely useful to visit before you go on your journey. Furthermore, you can see webcams all over the country at the Road Administration´s webcam site. I have previously written a blog about driving in Iceland which includes info on how to use these sites.
I also wrote a blog about driving on the F-roads in the highlands of Iceland, it has some useful information about F-roads plus great links where you will find further information. Actually, I have written several blogs on the subject of driving in Iceland, you can find them on our SADCars information page.
Practical information about driving in Iceland as well as brochures and videos can be found on the website of the Road Traffic Directorate.
We want our visitors to be as safe as possible while traveling in Iceland. One way to better your safety chances is to visit and get familiar with the dangers you can run into while traveling in the country. We also encourage you to download the 112 app from Play store, it is available for Android, Windows and iPhone. The app allows you to send a tex message that contains your GPS coordinates if you are in danger. 
Ok, so far we have checked out practical information about Iceland and driving in Iceland. Lets look at some sites that offer info about entertainment and the fuuuuun.
Check the road conditions and even see them in real time with your own eyes on the Icelandic Road Administration website
What‘s on in Reykjavik and Iceland
Visit Reykjavik has a list of what to do as well as events in Reykjavik. also has a arts and culture page worth visiting. lists events and all things Reykjavik.
Reykjavik Grapevine listings is your guide to the smaller events going on in the bars and music halls of Reykjavik city. It also has a list of venues with pics and maps and so on. If you want to follow the happy hour you can download the Appy hour app from the Play store, it is great believe me.
Finally, Harpa Concert Hall is a host to a lot of big and small events.
Where to eat
We have good restaurants here in Iceland, we can all agree on that. Knowing where the good restaurants are and which one to choose based on one's appetite is a little harder. Maybe the restaurant guides at, and can help you choose.
For a review of the restaurants you can check out the Lonely Planet restaurant guide and these Trip Advisor restaurant tips.
One other site worth mentioning is Iceland Local Food. This site is focused on finding the best local and gourmet food in Reykjavik and around Iceland. The site has various videos where you can see how some Icelandic delicassies is made.  
Photo by SADcars and Mikel Wilkens, respectively
News and good bloggers
You might be excited about your trip to Iceland and want to know more about what is going on in the country before you arrive. The best news source in English is Iceland Review, period. Reykjavik Grapevine is also a wealth of information about Reykjavik and the country.
We would like to mention a couple of good bloggers as well; Tiny Iceland and I Heart Reykjavik. Both of these have interesting blogs that you might think is worth a read. The Iceland Weather Report used to be a blog but is now mainly on Facebook and brings you political and social status at a time (in their own words).
A few other tips
If you are looking for directions in Iceland, you can use the website of já.is (or This is formerly the phone book but it has adapted to new technology quite well. You can search via a map or get directions from place to place. 
Iceland has a swimming pool in every town and sometimes many. Swimming in Iceland lists all these pools with opening hours. Do not miss the opportunity of relaxing in hot water year round, it is the best.
Also, you might be interested in reading our blog about hunting the Northern lights and more tips about hunting the Nortern lights.
What websites have been most helpful in planning your Iceland trip? Send us a line at or on our Facebook and Twitter if we have forgotten a major source of information in your Iceland discovery, or if you just have a new question not answered here. We are happy to help. 
Until next time friends!