Car Information

  • VW Golf or similar

  • Manual
  • Seats: 5
  • Doors: 5
  • Luggage: 2
  • NOT allowed on F-roads in the highlands

Ideal choice for a family of 4 wanting to travel the highways of Iceland.

The VW Golf is a spacious hatchback, a very comfortable option for a family of four. The Golf is fuel efficient despite its surprisingly powerful engine. The VW Golf is the ideal choice for a small family wanting to travel the highways of Iceland.

Perfect for summer, spring and fall. If you plan on traveling around the country in winter we suggest choosing a 4x4 vehicle but the Golf works well during winter day trips from Reykjavik.


All the cars in this car group run on gasoline. The average fuel consumption with cars in this group is 5-6 liters/100km. 

All SADcars have studded, winter tires in winter; suitable for driving in Iceland in winter.

Please note that this car is not a 4x4 car and is not suitable for driving on the F roads in the highlands of Iceland.