Car Information

  • Toyota LandCruiser 150 4x4 or similar

  • Automatic
  • Seats: 7
  • Doors: 5
  • Luggage: 4
  • Allowed on F-roads in the highlands

Our biggest 4x4 car! If you have a large travel group or want to drive all over the highlands this car is for you

This vehicle will take you anywhere you are allowed to drive in Iceland 

This is the perfect vehicle if you plan to travel on the F roads in highlands of Iceland a lot. The size of the car and wheels makes it easier to cross rivers and drive on rugged roads. 

Also a great choice if your group does not fit in a regular 4x4 car as this is a 7 seater. Please note that if you have the 2 seats in the back down there will be very little room for luggage. 

All our LandCruisers have automatic transmission.

All the cars in this car group run on diesel.

The Toyota LandCruiser can be driven on the F roads in the highlands of Iceland.

All SADcars have studded, winter tires in winter; suitable for driving in Iceland in winter.