as well as a happy-travel-memory playlist from this years' competitors.

We had a competition last year where the winners got to go on a trip to Iceland. We just received the video from their trip and it looks like they had some fun!
The SADcars competition 2015 is in full swing and someone will be selected as the new winner on November 20th. We have over 70 profiles full of happy travel memories and some of them have shared videos with us. Check out the playlist of their videos below, if you like what you see you can give the competitor a like and help him/her win a trip to Iceland. 
Hope you enjoy all the videos and help some of the competitors make it to Iceland. Of course you can always make your own profile and try to win your dream trip to Iceland. Check out the SADcars competition and the competitor's profiles.
All the best,
Signy and the SADcars team