The winners of the SADcars competition are Alena and Tatsiana Auchynnikava!

Alena and Tatsiana had the most likes when the competition ended on June 30th. What ultimately led to their win was their fun and charming personalities in their wild travel video. Congratulations Alena and Tatsiana!
So the sisters from Belarus won the trip to Iceland but what did they win? The prize includes a flight from Copenhagen or London, a car from SADcars for 10-14 days, a tent, the camping card and Happy Days day tours from the following tour operators:
Jet boat adventure trip with Iceland Riverjet
Húsavík Original whale watching tour with North Sailing
Black and blue tour (caving and snorkeling) with Arctic Adventures
Coast tour with Local Guide
What happens next is that we will arrange flights and tours with Alena and Tatsiana and get everything ready for their arrival in Iceland in August – September. And we will send them on their journey with a video camera which means we get to see their adventures in Iceland after they leave. I for one cannot wait :)
The SADcars team would like to thank all the contestants in the SADcars competition! it was great to read and view all those wonderful and fun travel memories. Thank you all!