The winner of the SADcars competition is Tomasz Swierczynski!

Tomasz had the most likes when the competition ended yesterday, August 17th. His beautiful video of Iceland charmed our socks off so that combined with the most likes gave him the win this year. You can see his video below. Congratulations Tomasz!
Tomasz and his lucky companion have won a flight (from Copenhagen or London), a car from SADcars for 7-10 days, 1 - 2 nights at Bus hostel Reykjavik, a tent, the camping card and Happy Days day tours from the following tour operators:

Black and blue tour (caving and snorkeling) with Arctic Adventures
Glacier walk with Arcanum Glacier tours
What happens next is that we will arrange flights and tours with Tomasz and get everything ready for his arrival in Iceland in September - October. And we will ask him to video tape his journey which means we get to see his adventures in Iceland after their trip.
The SADcars team would like to thank all the contestants in the SADcars competition! It was great to read and view all those wonderful and fun travel memories, thank you for sharing them with us!
All the best,