Discover what truly makes Iceland the land of ice & fire. Here we have put together a guide of some of the very best hot springs you should visit. Read now.

Iceland is home to a vast amount of hot springs throughout the country, largely due to the amount of geothermal activity that goes on beneath the surface caused by the constant rumblings of two tectonic plates situated within the Earth’s crust. 

The hot springs are one of the many natural wonders that makes Iceland such a hotspot for tourists, and it’s easy to understand why. These geothermal pools are nothing short of spectacular and something we strongly suggest you seeing for yourself. The only issue with there being so many it can be hard to decide where to start off, luckily for you, we have put together a list of the best hot springs in Iceland that you should check out on your road trip


First up, we’re looking at the hot springs located at Hrunalaug. It is situated near a small town called Flúðir that can be found just outside of Reykjavik and is one of the smallest hot springs you’ll probably come across. Due to the stone walls, the springs are very secluded and cosy for all visitors, creating a truly unforgettable experience we’d strongly suggest doing whilst you’re in Iceland. 

To add to the magic around Hrunalaug, it is actually on a privately owned farm. The owners are happy to welcome visitors to experience the hot springs, though it is recommended to leave a small donation as a mark of respect for allowing you on the property, this goes towards the keeping of the land.  

Seljavallalaug hot spring with changing facilities surrounded by rocky Iceland landscapes.


Be sure to check out Iceland’s oldest man made pool by heading over to the remote Seljavallalaug pool, located in the mountains in southern Iceland. 

Seljavallalaug is a really incredible hot spring, displayed as a traditional swimming pool but heated by the constant geothermal energy within the area. This pool gives off a truly majestic feeling, in fact it’s made even more unique due to the water turning green from algae, which just adds more beauty to this blend of natural and manmade paradise.


The hot springs of Landmannalaugar, otherwise known as “the people’s pool”, are truly wonderful. Found in the highlands of southern Iceland, this pool was a hotspot for travellers who were passing by. They would often be exhausted from hiking the challenging terrain around the area and would stop for a break to recharge in the glorious hot springs. 

Landmannalaugar really feels like a pool for anyone, as expected from the nickname given to it. It really does feel that, no matter who you are, this is a place you are always welcome in. One of the very best free hot springs in Iceland you could choose to visit!

Green hills of Reykjadalur


If we were to look at our current listed hot springs in Iceland on a map, Reykjadalur would be one located closest to Reykjavik, meaning it’s one of the most popular in the country. 

Reykjadalur is actually known more as a steam valley as opposed to just a hot spring, meaning there is actually much more to it than just one spring. Here you are able to find a number of mud pits and different hot springs to choose from - a real, natural and simple cleansing spot for anyone to enjoy. In fact, you can also adjust the temperature of the hot spring if you really want, as crazy as that sounds. All you do is move along to either hot or cold water sources.  

Side note: there are no changing facilities here, so if you are coming for a soak we strongly suggest bringing a dry bag and change of clothes to get back in afterwards. 


Located in the centre of western Iceland, Hveravellir is a hotspot filled with bubbling water and smoky fumaroles, otherwise known as dying volcanoes. This lagoon is surrounded by a number of spectacular glaciers and lava fields (hence land of ice and fire nickname for Iceland), making the location and scenery utterly breathtaking.   

Now this hot spring is a little bit of a drive from Reykjavik, in fact it's the furthest from the capital of all the hot springs mentioned above. However, one thing this lagoon offers that others simply do not is accommodation, so you can stay the night at this luxurious place. This could be the perfect end to your road trip if you fancy the long drive. 

Some of these hot springs are situated in areas off the main roads, and can be a little challenging for visitors to get to. Therefore if you want to take a roadtrip to visit the springs and lagoons it is essential you choose the right vehicle for the job. 

We are happy to offer any advice and assistance in deciding; we also have a number of different cars available to choose from.