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A lot of people ask me what kind of car they will need when driving in Iceland. The answer is different depending on the circumstances; whether it is summer or winter, driving on the ring road or in the highlands and so on. 
Photos by Jdomb's Travels and SADcars customer Janneke Roelofs, respectively. 

Mostly the rule is that people should be able to do the ring road in any type of car in winter and in summer except if the weather is unusually bad (such as a snowstorm in winter). Our cars all have whole year tires and are equipped for normal circumstances in Iceland in both winter and summer. That being said, the term normal circumstances in Iceland in winter is rather useless since the weather is unpredictable. You cannot rule out snowstorms in September and May even if they are unusual. So we recommend that people rent a 4x4 car in winter or consider upgrading to one depending on weather and road conditions.
During summer you really only need a 4x4 car if you plan to go into the highlands. A 4x4 jeep can be very useful when driving on the ring road as well, but it is not necessary. You will ALWAYS need a 4x4 car when driving on so called F roads in the highlands
We strongly recommend you check the weather and road conditions before you start your journey during the winter months from September to May. If you plan to go into the highlands during summer we suggest you check the weather and road conditions then as well. Knowing what you can expect is extremely important for example ice on the road or a possible snowstorm.
A good website to start your exploration is the Icelandic Met office (click Weather on the menu bar). For updated information about road conditions on all roads in Iceland go to the Icelandic Road Administration. These two sites should always be checked before a trip. Furthermore, you can see actual live footage of roads all over the country on the Road Administration´s webcam site. I wrote a blog about driving in winter in Iceland a while back witch includes info on how to use these sites.
Please be aware that off-road driving in strictly forbidden by law in Iceland as it damages nature for decades. If the road does not have a number, do not drive on it, even if there are tire tracks. Those who drive off-road will be heavily fined by police.
Just a quick look at the selection of 4x4 jeeps and SUVs we have at SADcars. There are 5 4x4 car groups: F, J, M, N and R. Please not that Group F cars cannot be driven in the highlands!
If you have any questions about 4x4 rentals or driving in Iceland you are more then welcome to send us an e-mail to info@sadcars.com. You can also check out the useful links below about driving in Iceland. If you are interested in a quote, just head on over to our front page, put in your dates and get a list of all available cars with prices and details. 
Drive safe :)
Icelandic met office – Weather forecast


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