Optional Insurance:

Insurance bundle. 28 EUR per day. 
Our bundle of safety includes Super CDW, Gravel protection, Sand and ash protection and Theft insurance. If you want the best insurance coverage for the best possible price, this option is for you. All individual terms and self risk amounts (liability excess) as stated below apply.

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW). 5 EUR per day.
Covers you for damage of the rental car exceeding 1.750 EUR (the self risk amount or liability excess).  
Super CDW Insurance (SCDW). 15 EUR per day.
Is like the CDW above except that the self risk amount (liability excess) is only 750 EUR.  
Gravel Protection (GP). 6 EUR per day.
Covers damage to windscreen, headlights and the body of the car when gravel or rocks get thrown at the vehicle by another car. The possibility of damage caused by gravel increases greatly if you plan on driving on gravel roads that can mostly be found in rural areas, the Western fjords and the highlands. The Gravel protection lowers your self risk due to gravel to 0 EUR, except for damages caused to the windscreen which has a self risk of 200 EUR.  
Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP). 10 EUR per day.
Covers damage caused by sand/ashstorms to the paint, windows, plastic, lights, wheels and chromes of the vehicle. This is a standalone insurance that carries 900 EUR self risk.  
Theft Insurance (TI). 3 EUR per day.
Covers total loss of the car if its stolen while you rent it - If you buy this insurance, you are only liable for the self risk amount in the CDW (or SCDW if you buy that) terms.  
All our cars have the obligatory Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) under Icelandic law - this covers third party damage or loss in an accident.   Please refer to our Terms page for more details and full conditions on the above insurances.

Optional Extras:

Extra driver 15 EUR per driver per rental
GPS Navigation System 10 EUR per day
Mifi Hot spot 13 EUR per day
Includes a Mifi hotspot, to use your phone or mobile device on the move, and 1 GB Data card. From Síminn, the larges network provider in Iceland. 
12V USB Adapter  1 EUR per day
Enables you to charge your phone or other electronic device while you are driving the car. Please note that the USB cord that connects to your device is not included. Also, please do not charge while the car is off, that will result in a dead battery.
Location switch
25 EUR 
Baby Seat 5 EUR per day (up to 11 kgs)
Child Seat 5 EUR per day (up to 18 kgs)
Booster Seat 5 EUR per day (up to 36 kgs)

Extras for Dacia Dokker Campers

Bedding for Campers 75 EUR
Bedding for 2 people, includes a sheet, 2 duvets and 2 pillows. ATTN: The bedding will have to be picked up separately in our Reykjavik office.
Disposable Cylinder Propane 20 EUR
250gr cylinder. Perfect to use with the gas stove in our campers.