Learn more about Inspired By Iceland’s clever response to Facebook’s launch of Meta, how it got Mark Zuckerburg’s attention, and what else Iceland has to offer “users”.

If you’re a human internet user from anywhere, you’ve probably seen the recent news that Facebook is now Meta. Facebook is still the Facebook we know, but the parent company is taking on the Metaverse to change the way we all live and experience technology. Guide to Iceland created a genius response to the Metaverse this week, with a video all about “the Icelandverse”.

The video from Inspired by Iceland uses humour to poke fun at the stiff video released by Facebook/Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerburg last month and has created quite the ripple effect across not only Iceland, but also the world. Even Mark Zuckerburg loved the video and responded to Inspired by Iceland:

Tweet from Mark Zuckerberg:

The video shares some of the most wonderful things about Iceland in a way that you can’t help but laugh at, like:

  • Enhanced, actual reality without silly-looking headsets. 
  • Completely immersive, with water that’s wet. 
  • Skies you can see with your eyeballs.
  • Caress-worthy volcanic rocks.
  • Loads of waterfalls (that you can stand near).
  • Horses with hair you can touch. 

We believe that this video resonates with so many Icelanders because it shows the sense of humour and mindset of the nation so well, along with some of the more simple experiences you can enjoy when you visit the country. The beauty of Iceland is that you can absolutely enjoy the most modern-day conveniences and technology, but escaping all of that is easy. You’re never far from amazing beauty and wild experiences, and don’t have to rely on technology for any fulfilment if you don’t want to. 

This led us to wonder, what other wonderful things are there to enjoy in Iceland? So we were Inspired by Iceland (get it?) to make our own list of amazing things to see and experience in the land of fire and ice on your next visit (whenever that may be. Remember, Iceland is easy going!)

Three-dimensional sheep.

Icelandic sheep standing on paved road.

Ice - that’s very cold. And made of real ice.

Glacier ice floating on water in Iceland

Hotdogs with real hotdog flavour.

Hot dog on red background

Interactive mountains - that you can actually climb. 

Mountain in Iceland covered by cloud at sunset

Glowy volcanoes that are hot enough to feel on your face. 

 Field of lava in Iceland a product of volcanic activity

Hologram foxes

White fox in Iceland laying on snowy ground

When you’re ready to book your trip to Iceland, make sure to hire a rental car so that you can see skies with your eyeballs, touch wet water, and enjoy three-dimensional wildlife at your own pace. We can’t wait to see you.