Highland roads in Iceland still closed June 10

and will most likely continue to be closed for a while.

Just a quick update on the opening of the F roads in the highlands of Iceland. They are all still closed and will continue to be so for a while. 
Please view closed areas on June 10 on the below map from the Icelandic Road Administration. On the first map, the black and shaded areas are closed. On the second map, all the red roads with yellow circles are closed. 
If you have planned to go into the highlands now you will unfortunately have to change your plans! If you plan to go soon, please check the opening of roads as well as weather and road conditions in the period leading up to AND during your trip. You can check the opening of roads on The Icelandic Road Administration site. They have a road map with detailed information about the road conditions on specific roads (such as the above photo). The Icelandic Met office has an excellent site where you can see the weather forecast for different regions of the country. 
For further information about the highlands, check out our blog about how to drive on F roads in the highlands of Iceland. 
Drive safe!

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