Tony DeCicco

Happiness at -20°

It was a cold Sunday afternoon when we arrived. SADcars had someone waiting to take us to our rental car. There were mounds of snow all over and huge 4x4 vehicles in the parking lot of the airport. I had never seen that amount of snow before. We prepared for the blistering cold as much as we could by packing our warm clothes, thick gloves and face masks.

Zoë, my wife, and I along with another couple set off on our Icelandic adventure. We drove through to Reykjavík where we were staying for a couple of nights. We decided that we'd have a stroll around town and grab a bite to eat. We managed to find a restaurant and sampled some local cuisine. Then, our long day of travelling and driving had hit everybody and we turned in early'ish.

It wasn't long before that the sun started to set (around 8 p.m. or so) and I decided that I would check the Lights forecast. There was a huge chance to see them that night. When we all went to bed, I told everyone I was setting my alarm to go Lights-hunting, but no one seemed to be interested. They were all too tired. I had never seen the Lights before and I wasn't going to let a little exhaustion get in the way.

It was about 2 a.m. when the alarm rang. I jumped out of bed with purpose and had my mind set. I was going to go Lights-hunting even if it was on my own. I drove out of town towards a lighthouse, searching for darkness and the best possibility of seeing them. I sat out on the beach and eventually they made an appearance!

One of my life's dreams had finally come true! The photos will never do them justice. I sat on the beach and enjoyed the Lights and all of their dancing majesty for hours.

The last day of the trip, everyone else came to the realization that they should've put sleep aside. The Lights never made another appearance during our week-long trip: clouds, weather, and location all made it impossible.

Thankfully though, Iceland has much more to offer. Even at -20°, we were able to enjoy frozen waterfalls, glacier lagoons, Ring Road, and the Southern coast. Iceland is definitely a destination that will be revisited time and again. Lights-hunting just might be handled a bit differently from now on!

Until next time…
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