Traveling in a Camper in Iceland - with SADcars

We have added brand new 2016 model campers to our fleet!

Iceland has become a very popular travel destination as you might have noticed, especially during summer. Icelanders have not been able to respond to the increasing numbers of very welcome guests as well as we would have liked, especially when it comes to accommodation options out in the country during summer. Everything is booked months in advance (and there are very few budget options).
Information for those renting in winter below!
Because of this Campers have been increasing in popularity during the past few years, and we totally understand why. Camper renters are driving around our beautiful island with complete freedom where to stay the night, they just have to search for the next campsite and park. If they are particularly fascinated in a place they can just stay there, no need to hurry to a booked hotel room hours away. Campers are also much more comfortable than camping in tents (in my humble opinion) and this is especially true in the Icelandic landscape and summer weather (as you can see in below pics) :) 
Camping in crazy weather       Campsite, Landmannalaugar, Iceland
Which is why we are very happy to finally have added our own campers to our fleet.  
Our brand new campers are 2016 model Dacia Dokkers with custom built interiors, ideal for 2 people traveling together. The campers come with a few necessities for a comfortable road trip such as a mattress, gas stove, dishes, cutlery, pot, pan and water container (all included in price). There are curtains in the campers to help with Iceland's midnight sun. The campers are also equipped with stand alone heaters which are connected to the diesel fuel tank. There is no cooler/refrigerator but the nights in Iceland can be pretty cold which might help with that. So, you only need to bring your sleeping bag and you are good to go.
Unfortunately, the campers are NOT suitable for driving on F-roads in the highlands of Iceland.  
Check out the photos of our new beds on wheels.
The inside is a lounge during stops and evenings:
Complete with a kitchen:
When you are ready to go to bed you make this happen:
Then you pack up the car and continue your travels in Iceland. Pretty sweet huh?
No need to book a hotel, just find a camping site, park and relax. We suggest you consider buying the camping card and check out their list of campsites all around the country.
You can rent bedding for 2 people for 75 EUR. The bedding includes a sheet, 2 duvets and 2 pillows. Please note that the bedding will have to be picked up in our Reykjavik office.
We also sell disposable cylinder propane gas (250gr) for 20 EUR. 
Renting the campers in winter – what you need to know!
Are the campers ok for winter driving?
You should be able to drive our campers anywhere you want during winter except if the weather is bad, such as a snowstorm or a lot of ice on the roads. Our cars all have winter tires and are equipped for normal winter circumstances in Iceland. That being said, it is better to have a 4x4 car if the weather is bad and the campers are not 4x4 cars. This means that you might have to change your plans if the weather is bad in the area you plan to travel to.
Will I be warm? 
There is a stand alone heater in the car that is connected to the diesel fuel tank. This heater should keep you plenty warm during cold winter nights in combination with your sleeping bag or bedding.
Where to camp during winter?
Unfortunately, most campsites close during the winter months but Visit Iceland has a list of campsites that are open all year. 
There are regulations on where you can camp outside of the campsites, this being the biggest rule: It is illegal to spend the night in tent trailers, tent campers, caravans, camper vans or similar outside organised campsites or urban areas unless the land owner or rightholder has given their permission. For further information on where to camp please read the guidelines from Icelandic authorities.
If you have not decided on your itinerary or booked hotels, a camper might be something to consider to make your trip to Iceland that extra awesome. 
If you have any questions about the campers or anything, feel free to e-mail us at info@sadcars.com. 
All the best friends.
Signy and the SADcars team


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