Sónar festival to be held in Iceland in February...

…and SADcars have a WALK IN offer from February 11th -17th. Sweet!

Sónar Reykjavik logo and Harpa music and conference hall, picture by Iceland.is
Sónar festival will be held for the first time in Iceland on February 15th – 16th. The setting is Harpa, a perfect location for a festival like this as you can wander from concert to concert without going outside (a big plus in February). In case you have never heard of the Sónar festival in Barcelona you can read all about it here. 
If you do want to go out and see some sights though, SADcars have a WALK IN offer, which means that you will receive our 15% prepayment discount without prepaying. So, if you are thinking about renting a car you do not have to decide right away. Just come over to Iceland, go to a show and then simply call us up or come over to our Reykjavik office and receive 15% off our full price list. 
If you don´t feel like driving yourself then you can always check out some sightseeing tours at Happy Days.
We look forward to seeing you! I´m gonna let Retro Stefson say goodbye for me, they are performing at Sónar and theirs is not a show you want to miss!
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