Questions about SADcars

What are your opening hours?
Our office in Keflavik is open 24/7 during summer and from 5.00am until 2.00am during winter. This means that if your flight comes in between 2am and 5am we will not be able to pick you up until around 5.15. We appreciate your patience on this matter.
You can choose pick up or drop off at 1.45am at the latest. If you want to be at the airport before 2am please return at 1.30am as the last shuttle trip to the airport is at 1.45am.
There are some options for those departing between 2am and 5am. The airport is open 24/7 so there is always the option of waiting at the airport. There are also many accommodation options in the airport area and most of them offer a shuttle to and from the airport. For very early morning departure, we recommend you stay in the airport area the night before your flight. We take you to your hotel when you have returned the car and you can catch a shuttle from the hotel to the airport before your morning flight. The price of accommodation is cheaper in Keflavik than in Reykjavik and you can catch a few more zzzs before your flight.
Our office in Reykjavik is open from 9am until 4pm/16.00 every day. Reykjavik accommodation pick up is offered from 9am until 3pm/15.00.
Where do I meet you at Keflavík airport and where do I return the car?
When entering the arrival hall at Keflavik International Airport, please turn to the SADcars employee that has your name on a white-board, they will take you to our office where you will receive your car. If no one is waiting for you, we are probably on our way. Please wait for us in the seating area between the two exits that are straight ahead when you enter the arrival hall. You can also call our shuttle driver +354 860 7102.
Sometimes, when there are a lot of incoming flights at the airport, we can only guarantee the pick up of the driver in the group. We do this so everyone gets their car as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we will tell the driver how to get back to the airport to pick up the rest of their party, it is a very short and simple drive.
When returning the car, please take it to our office close to the Keflavik International Airport and we will then drop you off directly to the departure hall, free of charge! Directions on how to find our office are provided on a map which you will get when collecting the car, as well as the location is fixed in the GPS Navigation system (as „SADcars HQ“) should you have rented one.
Our office in Keflavik is open from 5am in the morning until 2am after midnight - collection and return in Keflavik is free all year, and we pick you up and drop you off in the airport, free of charge :)
Address: Bogatröð 2, 235 Reykjanesbær. 
We also have an office in Reykjavik. The Reykjavik drop-off and pick-up is possible between 9am and 4pm (16.00) every day. 
Address: Skógarhlíð 10, 105 Reykjavík.
Where is SADcars located? 
Our office in Keflavik is open from 5am in the morning until 2am after midnight. Collection and return in Keflavik is free all year, and we pick you up and drop you off in the airport, free of charge :)
Address: Bogatröð 2, 235 Reykjanesbær. 
Our office in Reykjavik is possible between 9am and 4pm (16.00) every day.You can get a pick up at your hotel in the Reykjavik area for 20 eur extra all year round. 
Address: Skógarhlíð 10, 105 Reykjavík.
If your pick up and drop off locations are different an additional 25 EUR charge is applied.
Is it possible to collect and return the cars at other locations than Keflavik Airport?
Yes it is, we offer collection and pick up at our location in Reykjavik. See our reservation form for prices or our fleets page at the top menu.

If your pick up and drop off locations are different an additional 25 EUR charge is applied.
Can you pick me up anywhere in Reykjavik? 
Yes, we can pick you up at every hotel in the greater Reykjavik area. This service costs 20 eur. 
The pick up in Keflavik is free of charge all year round! We can pick you up at the airport or any hotel in the town of Keflavik. 
How are your cheap cars equipped for Icelandic roads?
Our cars undergo the obligatory security inspection needed for all Icelandic cars, but in addition we do our own serivce and maintenance checks after each return of a vehicle from a customer. They all have airbags and seat belts for all passengers. Our rental cars always have the necessary equipment and are ready for Icelandic roads for enjoyment!
Do the SADcars have winter tyres during the winter?
All of our rental cars have good winter tyres suitable for driving in normal winter conditions.

Some of our cars have studded or spiked tyres, if you would prefer spiked tyres simply put your request in the comments section of your reservation, we will do our best to accommodate. 
What happens if the car breaks down?
SADCars has service partners all around the country if something breaks down or if something has to be replaced. If you have an accident or the car totally breaks down we will of course replace the car with a new one.
Do you have cars with automatic transmissions? 
Yes we do have cars with automatic transmission in Groups F (Subaru Legacy) and N (Toyota RAV4). 
Do the cars have CD players or other ways to play music, charge phones etc?
Most of our cars have CD players. All of the cars have 12V sockets like the old cigarette lighters. The cars are on average 10 years old so the technical equipment fits that time. None of the cars have an auxiliary jack for iPhone or similar equipment. 
Do you have a fuel policy at SADcars? 
Our fuel policy is Return as received, you receive the car with the fuel left by the previous renter. You do not need to return with a full tank and we will not charge you for fuel!
Why is your company called SADcars?
Our name is actually put together from the first letter of each of the founders´ names - Siggi, Alli and Daniel :) So it's kind of a family business. However, we decided to use the name to make it more memorable as our cars are older - we can assure you that our rental cars are not sad, they are very happy when you use them!
Can you tell me a little bit about SADcars?
Sure. Our small Iceland car rental company was founded in 2009 with its first year of operation in 2010. We are a fully licensed car rental company in Iceland - license number 65.
Our aim is to provide our customers with older but good solid cars for Icelandic roads which we maintain well and supervise carefully so you can have the chance of a good car at the lowest possible prices. 
All our cars are insured at TM Insurance ( and all our banking goes through Islandsbanki Savings bank.
We are a member of SAF; The Icelandic Tourist Industry Association. 
I am landing at Reykjavik KEF airport, which location should I choose?
The international airport in Keflavik is sometimes called Reykjavik KEF even if the airport is about a 45 min drive from Reykjavik. If you are landing at Reykjavik KEF and want to pick up your car right after your flight, please select our Keflavik office when you are making your booking. We are open in our Keflavik office to fit the needs of the airport.

Questions about payments and insurance

What is included in the price?
 All prices include taxes, unlimited milage and third party liability insurance.
How do I pay?
We offer two structures - if you reserve a car and choose "PrePayment Discount" you will get an extra 15% off our very low prices but you have to pay upon checkout. If you decide to book without that, you pay when you collect the vehicle. Either way you need to give us a credit card for guarantee for possible extras and incurred costs. 
Why are you cheaper than other car rentals?
Our business concept is that we rent out good solid cars that are on average 10 years old but very well maintained and supervised thoroughly - because of that we are able to use cheaper cars with lower depreciation - and this delivers the very low rent price directly affecting your costs of travelling in Iceland.
Please make note that our minimum rental period is 2 days.
What type of insurance do you offer?
Insurance bundle. 28 EUR per day. 
Our bundle of safety includes Super CDW, Gravel protection, Sand and ash protection and Theft insurance. If you want the best insurance coverage for the best possible price, this option is for you. All individual terms and self risk amounts as stated below apply.
Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW). 5 EUR per day.
SADcars recommends CDW if you do not have any other insurance. Covers you for damage of the rental car according to our terms.
Your risk will be limited to 1750 EUR.
Super CDW Insurance (SCDW). 15 EUR per day.
Upgrade to Super CDW and limit your risk to 750 EUR in case of damage.
Gravel Protection (GP). 6 EUR per day.
Consider if you plan to drive on gravel roads that can mostly be found in rural areas, the Western fjords and the highlands. Covers damage to windscreen, headlights and the body of the car when gravel or rocks get thrown at the vehicle from another car.
Your risk will be 0 EUR (except for damages caused to the windscreen which has a self risk of 200 EUR).
Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP). 10 EUR per day.
Consider if you will be driving in the fall, winter or spring and the forecast predicts sand/ash storms in the area you plan to drive through. Covers damage caused by sand/ash storms to the paint, windows, plastic, lights, wheels and chromes of the vehicle.
Your risk will be limited to 900 EUR.
River Crossing Protection (RCP). 48 EUR per day.
Consider if you are renting a 4x4 and plan to drive on F roads in the highlands during summer where you are forced to cross rivers. Covers water damage to body, engine and electrical systems of the car.
Your risk will be 0 EUR.
Theft Insurance (TI). 3 EUR per day.
Covers total loss of the car if it is stolen while you rent it.
Your risk will be limited to 1750 (or 750 EUR if you also buy SCDW).
All our cars have the obligatory Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) under Icelandic law - this covers third party damage or loss in an accident.
Towing and rescue is never included in self risk.
Please refer to our Terms page for more details and full conditions on the above insurances.
What documents do I need?
You need a valid driving license and a credit card in your name when you pick up the car to guarantee the rental agreement.
Note: The Credit card can not be debit/credit or a prepaid credit card. 
Will I need an international driving license?
All drivers must present driving licenses to rent with SADcars.
We accept all driving licenses issued by countries within the EU and USA/Canada. If you are from a country outside those regions we will accept your driving license if it has a license number, your photo, a valid date and is in roman alphabet. If your driving license does not fulfill those requirements you will need an international driving license to drive in Iceland.
How old do I need to be to be able to rent a car from you?
We have a 21 year age limit for our customers. Unfortunately for younger drivers, we are very strict on this rule due to insurance policy. 
Can I cancel a reservation?
Cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to pick up of the rented vehicle. If you cancel with more than 48 hours notice you will get a 75% refund. Cancellation within 48 hours will not be refunded.
What happens if I get a parking, speeding or other kind of ticket?
If you get a parking, speeding or any other kind of ticket we will pay the ticket and then charge your credit card so you do not have to worry about it. A 30% management fee will be added to the ticket. 
What happens if I forget something in the car?
No worries, we can send it to you for around 3.500 ISK (the cost of sending a normal sized parcel at the post office). Just send us your home address at and we will take care of the rest.

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Our Keflavik office is located at Bogatrod 2, 235 Reykjanesbær. If you are flying into Keflavik airport we will pick you up.
Opening hours are from 5.00AM – 2.00AM during winter and 24/7 during summer.

Our Reykjavik office is located at Skogarhlid 10, 105 Reykjavik at Bus Hostel Reykjavik .
It is open from 9.00AM – 16.00/4PM. 

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