Our small Iceland car rental company was founded in 2009 with its first year of operation in 2010.

We aim at providing our customers with good solid cars for Icelandic roads which we maintain well and supervise carefully so you can have the chance of a good car at the lowest possible prices.

All our cars go through detailed scrutineering after each return where they are then prepared for our next customer.

The company is owned by three entrepreneurs who´s first letters of names make the name for the company - SAD :)

We are a fully licensed car rental company in Iceland - license number 65.

All our cars are insured at TM Insurance ( and all our banking goes through Islandsbanki Savings bank.

We have a great service partner network all around Iceland that is able to assist in case of mechanical failures or breakdowns. If the problem is not fixable on site, we will bring another car for your remaining rental period.

Our details:
SADcars ehf.
ID. Nr. 420409-0870
VAT number: 104123

Keflavik Office
Ásbrú - Keflavik Airport Area
Bogatröð 2
235 Reykjanesbær

Reykjavik Office
Skógarhlíð 10
105 Reykjavík


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If you have any questions or concerns, don´t hesitate to call us at +354 577 6300 between 9am and 4pm every day or email us at at any time!

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Please choose the time you wish to pick the car up, not your arrival time in Iceland

Our Keflavik office is located at Bogatrod 2, 235 Reykjanesbær. If you are flying into Keflavik airport we will pick you up.
Opening hours are from 5.00AM – 2.00AM during winter and 24/7 during summer.

Our Reykjavik office is located at Skogarhlid 10, 105 Reykjavik at Bus Hostel Reykjavik .
It is open from 9.00AM – 16.00/4PM. 

Contact us! E-mail Telephone +354 577 6300. Twitter @SADcars. Facebook SADcars.